Majestic Publishers offers a variety of products and services to make your life better. We provide products that work two-fold to help you spend money more wisely. The Money Saving

Calendar offers a functional calendar with money saving and money making opportunities for every month. The Inspirational Walker Bag offers a functional carry bag for walkers to

prevent falls and contains inspirational phrases or Biblical quotes to cheer up the temporarily challenged. We offer the free electronic books of My Movie Collection and My Book Collection to enhance education by encouraging children to read and to make parents aware of the importance of media literacy.  We provide the free electronic book of, “Care Giving Made Easy- How to Be an Awesome Caregiver” to help family caregivers with the task of caring for elderly loved ones. 


Senior Safety & Security offers commercial & residential construction with a focus on energy efficient products to lower homeowner expenses, handicap accessible options to

increase the resale value of your property and maintenance free structures that eliminate problems and unexpected costs, to make life easier.


Energy Efficient Alterations: General Weatherization,Radiant Barrier Installation, Energy Efficient Roof Coating and Windows, Weather Stripping, Additional Insulation, Ceramic Paint, Roof Vents, Attic fans,etc.


Handicap Accessible Options: Hand Rails-Grab Bar Installation, Handicap Ramps, Bathroom Modifications, Sliding Doors or installing larger interior doors, etc.


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The Money Saving Calendar: A unique new calendar that helps consumers develop good money saving habits to become more financially literate. The Money Saving Calendar assists

consumers to save and make money every month of the year. Unemployed people can learn creative ways to rapidly start earning money. Some of these methods will allow you to earn

up to $50.00 an hour. It provides consumers with a money saving and money making system that will enable them to become financially independent to become a lifelong success.


The Money Saving Calendar was designed to assist everyday hard working Americans to develop good money saving habits. As our economy worsens consumers will have to use their

money more wisely.


Every year we all buy Calendars to make our lives more organized and efficient. Most calendars contain decorative photographs. You have the option of buying a typical calendar

with color pictures or you can buy the Money Saving Calendar without color images (At a Lower Cost), that will help you save and make money all year long. Use your money wisely

with a functional calendar that contains money saving and money making opportunities for every month of the year.


The Money Saving Calendar contains six sections designed to help you plan to save and make money all year long. It will assist you in focusing on your priorities and financial goals while

making your life more organized and efficient. Many people opt for the self defeating attitude that you have to have money to make money and often put their dreams aside to settle for a job. The Money Saving Calendar will inspire you to use your money to make more money such as buying items that pay for themselves or products that can help you earn an income.

If you continue with this pattern there is no limit to your success.


The Money Saving Calendar Contains;


Money Making Opportunities

Money Saving Ideas

Items That Pay For Themselves

Valuable Home Improvement Tips

Personal and Financial Goals

Good Money Saving Habits Checklist


The Money Saving Calendar puts all of the tips you need in one spot, where you see them everyday to help retain these money making secrets to ensure your success.


Care Giving Made Easy, How To Be An Awesome Caregiver:


Majestic Publishers second edition of the book, “Care Giving Made Easy – How to Be an Awesome Caregiver,” inspires caregivers to use preventative health, science and humor to

assist in family care giving to limit health risks to home caregivers. It is a free uplifting book for caregivers that will make their lives more enjoyable. It offers many creative tips that you

won't find elsewhere.


The Inspirational Carry Bag For Walkers: A carry bag for walkers that contains inspirational phrases to cheer up the temporarily challenged. Becoming immobile can become deflating. You have the option of Biblical Quotes or Spunky Totes With Attitude. We can also custom make your favorite phrase.


My Movie Collection: An educational workbook that teaches children how to learn from movies. No matter what type of movie you watch, you will always learn something from  it. My Movie Collection enhances their reading, vocabulary,critical thinking and grammar skills to learn how to communicate better.


My Book Collection: An educational workbook that teaches children how to learn from books. My Book Collection was designed to make reading enjoyable as it enhances the reading, vocabulary, critical thinking and grammar skills of children to learn how to communicate better.


Blog: A free source of informative articles about quality home improvement, care giving, benefits of a maintenance free home, energy efficiency and other important subjects to make

your life better.




Care Giving Made Easy – How to Be An Awesome Caregiver is a unique book designed for both the new and experienced caregivers. The uplifting tips in this book, will

elevate the spirits of care givers to limit the immense stress involved and the increased health risks that come with care giving. The statistics related to the widow effect noted within the

book Care Giving Made Easy and the health risks to caregivers, display just how dangerous stress is to our health and why we must all try to make this endeavor more amusing and

pleasant to the intrepid caregiver. The synopsis of the chapters below display how Care Giving Made Easy - How to Be An Awesome Caregiver, offers the caregiver creative tools on how to overcome the challenge of care giving. Book Reviews by satisfied customers are also found below from both experienced and new caregivers.

We wish to thank Ray of Sunshine for their contributions to this website.


Chapter 1: Organized Long Distance Care


How to safely provide long distance care while respecting the rights and independence of our elders.


Chapter 2: The Awesome Caregiver


How to make care giving pleasant with creative humor and smart planning to keep you and your elder both happy.


Chapter 3: Home Safety


How to use ergonomics, caregiver tools, tips and preventative measures to offer safe loving and enjoyable elder care.


Chapter 4: Care Giving Benefits


How to focus on the positive aspects of care giving to relieve stress by focusing on your priorities, family and health.


"There are many books and people who will tell you

how hard and stressful care giving is. They have a

valid point and nobody can deny that care giving can

be stressful. However, they are looking at the

subject of care giving from a negative perspective

which can become self reinforcing. If you are

informed that something is hard and stressful it is

difficult to view the matter from another perspective.

I had reservations about naming the title of this

book, “Care Giving Made Easy - How to Be An

Awesome Caregiver,” because it can be a very

difficult responsibility. However, I felt it was

important to caregivers and our thoroughbred

American elders to view care giving from a positive

aspect and I started with the book title. I am an

American citizen and I am not so willing to be

defeated by the challenge of care giving because

others have viewed it as hard or stressful.

I prefer to focus on the positive and beautiful

aspects of any situation. The gift of turning lemons

into lemonade is precious. There are many different

ways to think about any experience. You may think

of your self as seasoned, but if we compare our age

to infinity, we are all just babies. You could be cut

off by somebody while driving and become upset, or

you can opt to think the person may have saved

your life somewhere else down the road by slowing

you down. It all depends on how you decide to look

at things. Since I knew care giving was stressful, I

was determined to discover ways to eliminate that

stress. This book reveals real life examples of how

we prevented problems to limit stress at every

chance. Life is hard and it doesn't make any sense

to make it harder on yourself or others. Behaviors

are contagious whether it is accepting stress or

being happy. Listed below are some of the benefits

of care giving and how you can improve your life. I

found my care giving experience to be one of the

most rewarding and enjoyable times of my life

versus a stressful time. I believe there are other

caregivers who are not so willing to relent to stress

because there are many ways to prevent problems

to stop stress before it starts. Allow Aunt Mary and I

to show you how we defeated stress to turn lemons

into lemonade and how you can to."


Chapter 5: The Entertaining Caregiver


How to enjoy everyday activities and holidays with creative tips, positive attitude and humorous ideas.


Chapter 6: Emergency Prevention


How to focus on home safety and security including preventive tips to eliminate elders from falling to limit stress and trauma.




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Reviews of Care Giving Made Easy - How to Be An Awesome Caregiver


"I found this book to be the most comprehensive,

informative & enjoyable book on elder care I have

ever read."


Linda Craft Gattis [AR]


"I think this book is a wonderful ideal."


Doctor, Ralph Long [TX]


"This book is the total package. It's sure to be a

classic. All the information you need in one book."


Cherie Gattis Adams [AR]


"I have a 2 bed adult family home for

developmentally disabled adults, Your book was very

helpful in making my home better for the people I



Nancy Sener [WI]


"What a great idea! We will be happy to list your

book in The Caregiver Sourcebook.”


Sherry Fleckenstein [NY]



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