2017 Money Saving Calendar TM




The MONEY SAVING Calendar was designed to assist everyday hard-working Americans to develop good money-saving habits. As our economy worsens consumers will have to use their money more wisely. Every year we all buy Calendars to make our lives more organized and efficient. Most calendars contain decorative photographs.  You have the option of buying a typical calendar with color pictures or you can buy the  MONEY SAVING Calendar without color images (At a Lower Cost), that will help you save and make money all year-long.  Use your money wisely with a functional calendar that contains money-saving and money-making opportunities for every month of the year.

The MONEY SAVING Calendar contains six sections designed to help you plan to save and make money all year-long. It will assist you in focusing on your priorities and financial goals while making your life more organized and efficient.  Many people opt for the self-defeating attitude that you must have money to make money and settle for a job, if they can find one.  The MONEY SAVING Calendar will

inspire you to use your money to make more money such as buying items that pay for themselves or products that can help you earn an income.  If you continue with this pattern there is no limit to

your success.

The Money Making Opportunities: section offers a list of different ways to make money every month for both men and women.  Some of the tasks are so easy a child can do them.  New opportunities arise for different seasons of the year.  Although some of the ideas may be common knowledge there are many unique and creative ideas that are little known and will continue to be in high demand.

There is opportunity every month of the year.

The Money Saving Ideas: section offers valuable tips on how to save money every month of the year. This will enable you to use your money more efficiently to stretch your paycheck.  You will retain this knowledge since you view it everyday and you will develop good money- saving habits.

The Items That Pay for Themselves: section offers detailed information on how to invest your money to make more money.  It offers information on how to get people to call you requesting your services and wanting to give you money.  Most of the ideas are not well-known and are a service that is and will continue to be in high demand.  You can use this section to earn a little extra money or to

start your own full or part-time business.  Due to limited space on the calendar, you will soon find detailed business plans on our website of http://www.majesticpublishers.com to insure your success.

Valuable Home Improvement Tips: will offer you little known advice on how to save a bundle of money on home improvements. These are contractor secrets that most homeowners will never discover.  Some contractors offer seminars for hundreds of dollars to reveal these tips.

They are yours free when you buy the MONEY SAVING Calendar. Learning how to make cost-effective home improvements can offer recurring profits and satisfaction.

The Personal and Financial Goals: section offers a way to stay focused on your priorities and goals that will lead to your success.  Most successful people suggest others to set goals in writing and to keep them in a place where they see them everyday.  What better place to list your goals then on a

calendar that you look at everyday?  Calendar offers a place to list both your personal and financial goals to stay focused on your goals to become a success.

Good Money Saving Habits Checklist: offers a way to develop good money-saving habits.  There are some ways we all know about how to get bargains to save money or make money but we rarely apply them especially in an organized fashion.  So this checklist will enable you to get in the habit of saving money, making a profit by reselling bargains you obtained and making money with side jobs

every month of the year.


Due to job insecurity and sudden misfortune, people should develop the habit of acquiring other avenues to earn income to ensure their safety and success.


Things You Will Learn From The MONEY SAVING Calendar:


How to get paint at 10-15% off


How to get Heating & A/C Units for half price


How to get federal credentials on your resume


How to get new kitchen cabinets for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars


How to make your home more energy-efficient for less


How to get deep discounts from a lumber yard


How to install a new energy-saving product and make over $50.00 an hour installing it


How to spend $20.00 to preserve one of the largest investments on your property


Learn how to make money every month of the year


Learn new business opportunities that are & will continue to be in high demand


How to save $100.00 an hour when using a plumber


How to buy property for pennies without buying an expensive course


What to ask when hiring a contractor


How to save money every month of the year


What products to buy at certain times of the year


Learn good money saving habits & much more with the MONEY SAVING Calendar


Example of creative business ideas


The Hospitality Service


As gas prices rise and law enforcement cracks down on drinking and driving people are seeking a safe and economical way to have fun. People will pay money to have fun and this is a service that you can provide that is profitable as well as enjoyable. It consists of offering a hospitality service to apartment dwellers every weekend driving them to entertainment clubs. You can operate this

business even if you don’t own a van because many car rental services rent passenger vans and offer economical insurance. You will need to consult with a lawyer about the relevant state and federal laws related to this business.  Once you have access to a van and hurdled any legal requirements pass flyers out to a few apartment complexes offering a group of tenants to go out to local clubs or

activities for a small fee.  Every apartment complex I contacted about a new service they could offer to their tenants was receptive to the idea of the Hospitality Service. Apartment complexes are a competitive business and they are always trying to find ways to increase the retention rate of, or attract new renters. The banners posted outside of apartment complexes for one month free rent testify to this fact. Contact the apartment complex manager until you find one receptive to offering

this service to their tenants. You will have to inform the manager to offer a sign up list each week for the number of passengers you can accommodate. Then contact night club managers and ask them if they will provide free a cover charge if you bring in a group of about 10 people. You will be surprised how friendly the night club managers are about your services. Every nightclub I contacted

was willing to offer free cover charge for the group which is an attractive incentive for your customers. Place a tip jar on your dash for additional income and experiment with prices that can net you a profit and be attractive to your customers. Be of good cheer and remember that you are an entertainer. The owner and/or driver of this hospitality service would want to abstain from drinking alcohol. This is a part-time service that you could offer over the weekend and/or holidays

to help Save Lives and Keep Drunk Drivers Off The Road….

There is opportunity around every corner to earn income.


Available soon.

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