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Convert Your Enterprising Child Into A Success


Being a Success
Understanding Money
Respecting Money
Collecting Money
It takes money to make money
Saving money
Positive Attitude
Charitable community work
Newspaper Press Release/Recycling Network
Finders Fee
Spinning Your Wheels
A Truck
The power of food
Customer wants & needs
Friends & Money – Red book
Work Hard- Play Hard
Human Nature
A Mother’s Love is never fully appreciated
Renting Tools
Organized & Efficient
Giver Earner Taker
Your Attorney
Lawsuits & Safety
Metal Detector
Photos before/After
Doing business for ___ years (Satisfying customers)
Pocket Notebook – ideas
Happy Medium
Enjoy Your Life
Your Town History
Your Town Hierarchy
The Big Picture
The Name Game
Learning/Helping Others
Habitat For Humanity
The Boy with the most toys wins the Game
Working Years Retirement Years
Your Credit Rating
Concrete Cracks
Management Employees
Money management
Money collection
Spending money
Bank Account
Tool Maintenance
Borrowing Tools
Tool Security
Yahoo Recycling Groups
Legal/Illegal Business
Customer Service
Natural Charm
Aggressive Assertive Passive
Garden Tilling/Forming
Garden Maintenance
Roach & Ant killer
Mosquito repellant
Mowing yards
Aerating Yard
Rolling Yard
Fluorescent Street Numbers
Washing Cars
Car Detailing
Oil stain removal from concrete
Picking up trash/cans
Shoveling snow
Enviromax plus
Washing Windows
Window Film
Newspaper route
Raking Leaves
Trimming bushes & trees
Tree stumps
Installing Drain Tile
Baby Sitting
Dog Walker
Raise Puppies
Super Pooper Scooper
Weeding Gardens & flowers
Make a worm bed – sell worms
Hanging Christmas tree lights
Chimney Sweep
Cleaning Gutters/ Installing Guards
Power Washer
Snake Repellant / removal
Mole Removal
Raising Chickens/Selling Eggs
Raise & sell frogs (Frogville)
Compost bin/ sell fertilizer
Sell flavored toothpicks
Grow A Garden
Picking up lost golf balls
Recycling computers
Recycling Everything
Painting Business
Your Family History
History Class Proposal
Eldercare Assistant
Building Handicap Ramps
Making Homes Energy Efficient

Being a Success

One common characteristic of successful people was that they were ambitious as a child. Many had a newspaper route and developed customer service and business skills while young. Although some of these personality traits and drive came naturally, a parent can teach their child these successful habits.

Another common characteristic among successful people is learning the art of how to set and accomplish goals. If you don’t know what you want or where you want to go, you are wandering aimlessly through life. Parents will learn some creative ideas to help their child set and accomplish goals in this book. By helping your child develop these good habits early, you will increase the chances of their success throughout life.

This book was designed to help parents guide their enterprising children on many different ways to save or make money. It will help children develop proper business skills, personality traits as well as teaching them the art of customer service. These techniques and skills will assist your children to be a success.

Understanding Money

Before you learn how to make money, you need to learn how to spend money.
Some people say that there are two kinds of people, spenders and savers. People who are spenders are referred to as flamboyant. Savers are considered as a conservative person. Money is your security. If you want to see a good example of a conservative person find an elderly person who grew up during the Great Depression. Getting these people to part with their money is like trying to pull teeth out. They remember how important money is to their security.

One of the best ways to help your child learn how to understand money is to open them a savings account early as a child. It will help them develop the habit of saving and appreciating money to become a success. My neighbors taught their children to understand money by opening a bank account as a child and most of his children are a success. One of them turned out to be a famous clothes designer in Italy who tailored the wedding outfits for Brad Pitt and Jenifer Anniston.

Respecting Money

A good friend of mine and I worked at a restaurant in Evansville, Indiana. We had an African American co-worker who was younger that we went to visit in a low income community. Upon leaving one of his children asked my witty friend for $5.00, and my friend quickly replied with a smile, “No I can’t do that, you don’t know how to respect it (money) yet.” The bold child went on to explain how he respected money but my friend insisted that he didn’t and we all parted with a smile. I believe that child may have benefited from that humorous conversation who probably had more internal conversations or thoughts about respecting money.

Children are always stating “Mommy I want this or that.” Most parents spoil their children and give their children what they want. It may be a good practice to inform your child that he doesn’t know how to respect money yet so they can think about and benefit from this concept. We could all benefit more by learning the habit of respecting money.

Collecting Money

The most ingenuous lesson I have witnessed a parent make to teach their child how to respect money – was to collect it. This parent had five other brothers or sisters who were all millionaires so he was quite ambitious to also become a success and he was trying to teach his child how to respect, collect and save money. So when other parents were giving their children money to spend, or buying their children what they wanted, he was occasionally buying his child money in different currencies from all over the world. The child was forced to save this money collection because he couldn’t easily spend the different currencies.
Many people collect different things for fun and/or as an investment. My Grand father Noble Johnson taught me to collect stamps which never turned out to be a good investment. I suspect that the child who learned how to collect money in different currencies has been a success like the other members of his family.

It takes money to make money

You may have heard the above quote many times. Although somewhat true many people use this as an excuse as to why they cannot succeed. This is a negative attitude that you do not want your children to adopt. It may be slower but a person can make the money they need to make more money. Sometimes the turtle wins the race. It takes developed discipline and knowing how to focus on your goals which any child can be taught.

Saving money

Sometimes life insurance companies offer customers complimentary combination lock boxes for customers to place their important papers such as life insurance policies. You can also buy these products at some discount department stores These small safes or lockboxes make a great gift to children. It teaches children how to save money at home on a regular basis as well as how to be security conscience. You can give your children incentive by giving them United States Saving Bonds or gold and silver coins to add to their collection. As the collection of savings grow you can upgrade to a fireproof safe or lockbox.

Positive Attitude

A positive optimistic attitude can be contagious and is mandatory to succeed in our competitive world. All behaviors can be contagious so it is important for parents to be aware of their own attitudes towards life. The local library has self help books that can help people improve themselves and their lives. The positive attitudes you develop will be adopted by your children. A friend told me his Grandpa always told him, “There is opportunity around every corner.” That is a phrase that he still recalls to this day which has helped him achieve success in life.

It is best for children to learn early how to form priorities. We all have priorities that sometimes evolve due to situational ethics or when changes occur. An example of some priorities are below


Everybody has a different set of priorities. Children should learn about priorities early so they can learn how to focus on their goals throughout their lives.



Go to the local discount store and buy a large 99 cent permanent marker. Cut up cardboard boxes into 12” x 24” squares. Draw a small border around the edge and use a ruler to mark three 4” sections on the 12” side of your sign with a pen or pencil. Write, “Low-Cost Leaf Removal” on the first two lines and place your phone number in large numerals below it. If you have the money you can spray them with a clear coat paint to help weatherize them and make them shiny. Take a hammer and a small box of roofing nails and on your daily trips, post these signs at busy intersections with a telephone pole. You will quickly notice a good place to hang your sign when you see a lot of nails from other people who placed a sign there. There is a good reason they used that location – it works.
If you go to someone’s house and see a picture frame that is crooked you will always notice it. It bugs us and gets our attention. Your signs placed a little crooked will get more attention for the same reason.
Once you put up your first sign – you are in business. Continue to keep signs in your vehicle and post them at good locations as you travel around town. Some days you may not get any calls and others you will get several. Try to keep one person home monitoring the phone. When people call they want to talk to a person right then.

Work in progress while being a full time caregiver.

Copyright ©2006-2016 by Dale B. Adams d/b/a Majestic Publishers