Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuse


When: January 12, 2018
Where: 2313 Anvil Drive, Harrison, AR. 72601
Who: Billy of 2311 Anvil Drive Harrison, AR. 72601
: Harrison Police Officer Cagle of Old Farm Road Harrison, AR, 72601
: Ricky Maples of 2308 Anvil Drive, Harrison, AR. 72601

Why: To eliminate Majestic Publishers Harrison, AR. Business license

Since 2013, Dale B. Adams has had a business license in Harrison, AR. 72601 to operate Majestic Publishers. A requirement of any business is to make sure that fire safety measures are taken. Dale Adams has to endure adolescent attacks under the Trump administration to strip Adams of his business license. It is getting so derelict that I am going to post this on my website with the hopes that these people stop harassing us.

I have to collect evidence that I am exceeding any kind of fire safety standards. So I take photographs of our water hose and the wet carport area. The Trump administration has had the intelligence community hack into our computer and deactivate our USB ports so I can not upload photographs. We have a low area on our carport that collects water like a bird bath. However, lately when I go outside it seems like somebody has used a towel to dry up the wet area to eliminate our fire safety precautions. I have not bothered to mention that until now when I realized they are using different tactics.

I went outside this morning and noticed somebody had gotten an armload of tree leaves and spread them over this water logged area. Normally I pick up any leaves in the carport to ensure fire safety precautions. But now that leaves are frozen into the water, some cannot be removed. So I instead soaked the whole area with more water.

I would prefer to be typing on a civil complaint to be relieved from this tyranny of insanity by government within the United States District Court for the District of Columbia case No.1:17-cv-1317 (EGS), or to be writing an article or other work of intellectual property. However, under the Trump administration, this man and the people who worship him will stoop to any level to eliminate judicial review of government misconduct.

For two prior days these officials took control of my USB port mouse and wiggled it as I was trying to type evidence of the misconduct of Mike Pompeo. It is very difficult to do legal research and writing under these circumstances. In 2017, our computer with loads of exculpatory evidence and our printer were irreparably damaged. We have had cords go missing or extension cords broken so we can not use our printer or computer. I cannot upload any pictures on the two computers that are working. I am mostly confined to our home because I fear leaving the house with my wife, even if it is locked. When I do try to upload photographs on our computer I do not succeed, but somebody hacks into our camera when it is temporarily plugged in and changes the time or date of the photographs to deprive Dale Adams of credible evidence.

United States President Donald Trump is abusing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Section 702, to abridge First Amendment rights with these tactics. There is a provision in the FISA which allows the government probable cause to engage in “physical searches” without a warrant. One requirement is that in order to do this, the United States citizen has to be communicating with a party from a foreign country. Well guess what, if you have a computer program such as AVG which is from the Netherlands and you get virus updates to your computer from the AVG program, the Trump administration is saying they are allowed to hack into your computer. Even to abridge and eliminate freedom of speech.

Although I informed the United States Congress that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is being abused, the United States House of Representatives reauthorized this law. The government is targeting me now, but next time it may be another member of the press who was critical of the Trump administration. They will have their home being broken into, articles stolen, computer hacked with CIA or NSA capabilities. NSA Director Mike Rogers deciding to retire must be an attempt to evade criminal liability for all the harm he is causing us under the FISA. Then it will be somebody else until the people finally wake up and start opposing these unConstitutional laws that are being abused to harm Life, Liberty and Property.
Do you care about your rights?