How Immigration Reform will benefit every American citizen and our Nation

In 2006, I supported U.S. President George W. Bush when he suggested that we make immigration reform to help illegal aliens become U.S. citizens. I was doing research on the world economy and the effects of the massive baby boomer population and I realized how immigration reform would not only benefit our nation, but that it was essential. I was disappointed that President George W. Bush didn’t explain these problems to the American public, because if he did describe these problems and the benefits of immigration reform to the public, many Americans would have agreed.
Although many Americans vigorously oppose amnesty or immigration reform believing that it is harming their job prospects, the economy and our nation, we would all benefit by granting these illegal aliens citizenship. The same reasons that people disagree with immigration reform is why we must agree to make some changes to immigration, including amnesty. We have no choice and both the people and our nation will benefit.
The media and political leaders constantly talk about the Fiscal Cliff and Sequestration which are scary terms that will affect every American. They also talk about slashing social security, Medicaid or Medicare benefits. If our leaders take these drastic steps it will adversely affect our economy and the well being of every American. In 2006, I was doing some research on a University website about the aging baby boomer population and their website statistics stated that, “Currently 6000 Americans celebrate their 65th birthday, 3800 will become 85, and 10,000 turn 50 years old – daily.” The reason our political leaders are scrambling to cut costs is because of the large baby boomer population about to obtain and/or currently receiving social security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits. As the large baby boomer population ages, almost 25% of our nation will be senior citizens. “Currently there are about 35 million senior citizens in the United States with that number to double to about 70 million by the year 2030.”1 (Wolf, 2002). According to, Aging in the 21st Century compiled by the United States Administration on Aging, “the population aged 65 and over is expected to grow by 75 percent to over 69 million.”2 This large demographic rapidly entering retirement benefits will put an immense strain on our budgets and our government is wanting to slash your future social security, Medicaid and Medicare
benefits to help limit this problem. Granting amnesty to illegal immigrants so they will be paying into the social security, Medicaid and the Medicare program, will help reduce this problem of cutting the benefits you worked hard your whole life to earn.
Many Americans complain about the costs to our economy because illegal immigrants are receiving public benefits. The reason these immigrants can obtain the full amount of these benefits is because these public agencies can not prove the immigrants are receiving income because many work under the table. However, if the immigrants were granted citizenship and required to be paid, this income would be recorded and it will lower the costs for public assistance. They will also be paying into social security, Medicaid and Medicare, the same programs that they are exhausting by not legally working as a citizen. Most of these immigrants work hard and they want to work so badly, that they work for pennies on the dollar and they are being taken advantage of by others. Since their hard work doesn’t pay their bills, they seek public assistance. Amnesty can eliminate this abuse of the disadvantaged, cut the costs of public assistance to immigrants and help our overall economy.
Many Americans either own or are buying a home which may be the largest investment you have. You want to preserve that investment by keeping the housing market stable so the value of your home appreciates versus depreciates. No homeowner can afford to buy a home for more money than what it is worth. “81% Proportion of householders 65 and older in 2006 who owned their homes.”3
(Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey). As the elderly baby boomer population become deceased there will be a large market of homes available for sale. Our markets work on supply and demand and when you have more homes than people are willing to buy – the price goes down. What is going to happen to the price of your home when the housing market is flooded with homes for sale and there are few if any buyers? If the housing market slumps it also strips our nation of jobs in the construction, textile, furniture, appliance and other industries and it benefits every American to help prop up the housing market. Most illegal immigrants do not buy homes and we have a large immigrant population that would be able to buy a home if they were citizens and were legally working. Thus granting citizenship to immigrants can protect the largest investment of every American and prevent a deep recession with a housing market slump, which would create even more job losses.
Many Americans are unemployed and they are rightfully angry, but they are wrongfully blaming the immigrants who just want to feed their families as you do. Although we currently have high unemployment, in a few years we may have more jobs than we can fill due to the aging baby boomer population who are retiring. To give you a perspective of this problem, we have about 300 million Americans in the United States.(Census Bureau). In 2030, the Census Bureau reports predict we will have a population of about 320 million. With 70 million senior citizens needing care, we will require 70 million caregivers at a minimum, which totals 140 million citizens out of the job market and almost half of our population being elderly or caring for the elderly. This large demographic could put a strain on employers not having enough employees to fill their positions. The United States Bureau of Labor statistics predicts that in 2020 we will require a population of over150 million people to supply America’s workforce.4 Senior citizens are retiring everyday opening up jobs, and the high rate of unemployment will not only go down, we may not have enough people available to supply America’s workforce. More importantly, we may not have enough people available to help properly care for our elderly population. The problem of high unemployment is correcting itself and immigration reform will be required so we can supply our nation’s workforce.
Many Americans disagree with immigrants in our nation unwilling to learn to speak English. In many other nations that require trade with the United States of America to provide essentials, the citizens are required to learn both their native language and to speak English. Most children in these other nations can speak English and their native language by the age of 10. Due to being a trade nation and bordering state, the Mexican government should also teach their children both English and Spanish during grade school when it is easier for them to learn a new language. A valid immigration reform law will have to require that immigrants learn to speak English before becoming a United States citizen.
Throughout the proud history of our nation both the people and government have had to make sacrifices to benefit our nation. It is important to note that the baby boomer population made deep sacrifices during World War II with rationing and losing life and limb fighting for the Constitutional rights we should all cherish. Coca-Cola Company offered citizens 5 cent cokes and many of our now elderly relatives worked at bomb factories to help our troops. Without those sacrifices by our elders we could now be speaking German without Constitutional rights. Congress have forgotten about those sacrifices the elderly made for our nation and they want to lower their social security, Medicaid and Medicare benefits, while refusing to raise taxes on the wealthy. Our nation’s financial problems are due to issues caused by World War II and the wealthy should also make some sacrifices to benefit the people and our nation. Our nation’s founders were wise and honorable men and although many of them were wealthy business owners, they cared about the rights of the common man (and immigrants) versus their own power and financial gain.
We will need to have immigration reform and possibly even grant amnesty to the immigrants so they can help us support our job market, housing market, social security, Medicaid, Medicare and help us care for our large elderly population. Every American and our nation will benefit with immigration reform, including amnesty and it is the wise and Honorable choice. Caring about the rights of the common man, especially our elders is Honor and Patriotism in it’s finest form.

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