Inspirational Walker Bag

The Inspirational Carry Bag For Walkers:

A carry bag for walkers that contains inspirational phrases to cheer up the temporarily challenged because becoming immobile can become very deflating. You have the option of Biblical or Inspirational quotes. We can also custom make your favorite art design or phrase.

Inspirational Phrases

The Lord bless thee and keep thee

Holy Bible Mathew Ch. 5 v. 9 KJV

I can do all things through Christ...”

Holy Bible Phillippians Ch. 4 v. 13 KJV


Inspirational Walker Bag features:

100% cotton

Industrial strength velcro

Pleaded pockets for easy hand insertion

Easy grab interior pockets to avoid tipping forward

Six pockets for various items

Made in the USA

Bright yield yellow color

Custom made Biblical quotes or Inspirational phrases

Witness while you walk

Machine wash warm


Currently Unavailable


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