Main stream media outdone by patriotic Teacher with common voting sense

I was in a class at school and a teacher was giving the students common sense lessons on government, the Constitution and voting. I do not remember her name, what grade or class it was or even what school it was, but I remember what this woman told us. Maybe it was her vigorous tone and patriotic spirit for our nation, but her words still echo in my mind and are relevant today.

The main stream media seems to be slanting the news misleading the public even about important matters such as politics. The media uses the term of “lame duck” a little too often indicating it will be a time interim where little or no legislation will be passed. It is like the news media is trying to sway the public to get Congress to pass more legislation. What people are missing is the fact that “more legislation” is not good for the people. Yet the media implies that more legislation is good for America.

The teacher was describing how the American public has voted in general during the history of our nation. She stated that the American people normally voted to have a United States President of one party and vote for a congress majority of another party. This created a check and balance of power with opposing forces with different philosophies and parties in our government to ensure a lot of new laws were not passed. The teacher boldly stated that we do not want new laws, we want to keep the Constitution as our law.

She was right because the Republican dominated congress made numerous anti-terrorism laws from 2001 – 2008 that have overruled the Constitution and stripped all of our freedoms as held in the Bill of Rights. What little fragment of Constitutional rights congress did not strip from us then, have been systematically taken from the people by the Republican dominated judiciary. Although our wise and honorable founders established Article III of the Constitution to ensure tyranny would be permanently eradicated by granting judges the right and the duty to uphold the Constitution, the Republican dominated courts have eliminated the Constitution with one phrase, “the law of war.” Congress eliminated the Constitution with the phrase, “Notwithstanding any other law…” in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act and in the USA PATRIOT Act legislation. Since the courts show judicial deference to anti-terrorism laws, these laws trump the Constitution.

Notice how this article from the Washington Post has flared the emotions of people from different political parties. Notice you are all fighting for your favored party, philosophy all with the same notion that the opposing party can get the right or proper legislation passed. There is no pause or thought about not getting legislation passed, the slanted news media has most of you believing that legislation is good for you and our nation. The title of the article is about not getting laws passed and you are upset about it. Why does that upset you? You should be happy about not getting legislation passed and vote with that aim to protect all of our rights with the Constitution because the courts certainly don’t honor the Constitution nor do they care about the rights of the people.

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are normally well educated. In Knoxville, Tennessee I was listening to the radio and it mentioned a CEO comments about passing a lot of laws. He stated, “I warn you that the more laws we pass the less rights we will have.” He agreed with my former teacher and he further stated that the more laws we have brings us closer to communism instead of capitalism. So when the media slants stories about a lame duck session and not getting any laws passed, it is time for Americans to celebrate with no stress.

If most Americans voted with the intent to offer another check and balance of power by voting out congress members who have been in office 3 or more decades, and vote for different parties of power in various branches, we can at least slow down the elimination of all of our freedoms. According to a political science professor these congress persons stay in public office because they have a 90% chance rate of being re-elected. Since it is almost impossible to get them ousted from congress, they do not care what the people want or need, they make laws for corporations who help get them re-elected. Americans voting for and succeeding to elect the majority of one party in all three branches is not smart and can be very dangerous to the health and well being of every American.

For instance 20 million or so Americans suffer painful maladies and do not abuse their pain medication nor die from them. These people need this medication just to move and function in society. One lawyer believes that people abuse drugs and die when the government becomes overbearing stripping our privacy rights treating us as if we were a third world nation. He seems to have a valid point. A lot of these people born free do not want to live in a totalitarian government and would rather die. Meaning that the problem with opiods is not the people, it is our government making invasive laws to abuse us where we lose our self esteem and will to live. But Congress does not want to admit they are causing nationwide addictions and an epidemic in deaths, they blame it on physicians and the depressed people. However, the law congress created is not going to lessen the suicide rate of people, the optional medications to take instead of opiods are far more deadly. More people will suffer and die with these anti-opiod laws.

This is just one law congress created that is basically forcing the medical industry not to give people humane treatment with pain meds when they definitely need it, causing torture here in America like their legislation does at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The American public must learn to vote like our ancestors so we can retain our freedoms, or we simply will not have the ability to enjoy life. When a parent or child breaks a bone and suffers agonizing pain and the emergency room hands you an asprin for pain, you will understand just how dangerous new laws can be and why we need a whole lot more lame duck sessions.