Majestic Publishers hosts a First Amendment benefit sale


Majestic Publishers
Dale B. Adams
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(Harrison, AR). 23, September, 2014. Majestic Publishers is hosting a First Amendment benefit sale on Ebay to raise funds and awareness about the importance of First Amendment protections which guard our every other Constitutional right.

Dale B. Adams d/b/a Majestic Publishers has made contributions to organizations who defend First Amendment freedoms. Anti-terrorism laws are abridging First Amendment freedoms which jeopardizes our form of government and the rights of every American. Dale B. Adams encourages citizens to make contributions to these organizations who fight for our rights everyday.

The First Amendment benefit sale has a variety of items listed below wholesale located on the Ebay website of

Majestic Publishers is offering a broad selection of items for sale that include clothes for children and women, cell phone accessories, comic books, DVD and VHS movies or exercise tapes, CD’s and cassettes, stocking stuffer toys, novelty and school items, purses, make up cases, Halloween items, prints, auto parts, and other unique items. Most of the items are priced to sell at only 99 cents. Some proceeds from the sales will be used to defend the First Amendment rights of every American.

Dale B. Adams formed Majestic Publishers in 2000, and is the author and self publisher of the book, “Care Giving Made Easy – How to be an Awesome Caregiver.” Dale B. Adams is currently involved in litigation trying to preserve First Amendment rights. To learn more valuable information visit: