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In 1996, when parents were upset about children watching R-rated movies at home and the need for legislation to pass laws to censor television programs with a V-chip, I got the idea for the book, My Movie Collection. I realized the educational value of all movies we watch. I also knew that one of the biggest complaints for students is doing book reports. I figured if I designed a book that enabled children to learn from, as well as to collect movies, that it may be an enjoyable educational experience. Then instead of children frowning about book reports, maybe they would learn to enjoy them.

I learned about media literacy and the negative effects the media has on children. Media Literacy is the awareness of how much media affects us, especially children.

MY MOVIE COLLECTION will give you another option. Instead of taking the TV away from children, the television can be used as a learning tool. You can watch a movie with your child and complete a movie log together. This will enable you to both learn from the movie and discuss it. This is fun and it is a great lesson in critical

thinking. You become an active viewer rather than passive. The more kids talk and think about the media, the less influence it has on them. No matter what type of movie you watch – you will always learn something from it.

My Movie Collection is a tool to help make media educational and creates a fun way to learn in many different areas. It brings family and friends together at the television and offers entertaining as well as educational discussions.

MY BOOK COLLECTION was designed to make reading books more enjoyable and to display just how much we learn from every book we read. It enhances our, comprehension, critical thinking skills, our ability to communicate with others, helps us learn definitions of new words and other educational benefits we rarely consciously think about. Little activities such as these may encourage young children to appreciate literature to help make learning more enjoyable.

Americans are reading fewer books. The technology of movies and computer advancements are more interactive and continue to make books less attractive.

However, books and literature have greatly benefited our society throughout history, especially for their educational and humanitarian value. When readership levels lower, it affects our nation’s overall educational levels.

Both My Movie Collection and My Book Collection are located on this website and are part of the public domain for parents and educators to freely copy and use to help children learn the joy of literature.






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 INTRODUCTION ……………………………………… 2

 HOW TO USE ……………………………………………4

 MY BOOK LOG KEY …..……………………………… 5

 MY BOOK LOGS …………….………………………… 6

 GLOSSARY ……………………………………….…….  9

 BOOK INCENTIVES ……………………………………11

 BOOK GOALS & INCENTIVE………………….………12




Who Is This Book For?

If you like books, MY BOOK COLLECTION is for you! Regardless of your age or the type of books you prefer. MY BOOK COLLECTION will help you record and remember what you like, or dislike, about every book you read.

Using the Book Logs that come with MY BOOK COLLECTION, you will be able to keep a record of each book you read — or have ever read — who played in it, what it was about, and even when you read it. MY BOOK COLLECTION will help you evaluate each book so you will know what kind of books to look for in the future.

MY BOOK COLLECTION will make reading books more fun and interesting and it will help you discuss the books you read with others.


 The Benefits of Using MY BOOK COLLECTION

There are many ways you will benefit from using MY BOOK COLLECTION.

 ·         You will learn new words.

 ·         Remember more about the books you read.

 ·         You will better understand the messages in books and learn from them.

 ·         You will even be able to impress your friends by knowing the names of characters, the plot, book theme and other facts!

 Sometimes the last two words in a book are so disappointing… THE END. With MY BOOK COLLECTION, you will continue to enjoy the book with your family and friends long after it’s over.

MY BOOK COLLECTION will help you better understand who you are and what you like. As you read through the Book Logs you’ve completed, you may notice a pattern in the type of books you read, or in your favorite authors and subjects. This will become more obvious if most of the books you read are similar.

 But MY BOOK COLLECTION can also help you to select different types of books, or those with different subjects and themes. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a huge variety of Book Logs to look back on?

 Watching different kinds of books will give you balance in your life and will help you “broaden your horizons” by learning more about different places, people, things and situations.

Who knows… maybe one day MY BOOK COLLECTION will help you to win a book trivia contest from your local radio or television station, or even help you choose a career as an author!


How To Use MY BOOK Log


It’s simple.  Start by selecting a book to read. Pick a book that sounds interesting, about something you would like to experience, or a subject or someone you like.
Get a pencil and MY BOOK COLLECTION. Then, simply fill in the blanks or circle your responses in a Book Log.

You can complete your log right after you finish the book or while it is still fresh in your mind, as you are reading the book.  If you’re at a library, and you’re afraid you won’t remember some of the details, just write them down on a piece of paper for when you get home and can fill out a Book Log.

Be sure to number each of your Book Logs. This will help you track the total number of books you’ve read.  You may want to use MY MOVIE COLLECTION later, so you can compare how many movies you have watched with the number of books you have read, and also remember when you read the book and saw the movie, and which one you liked better.

You can also complete a book log for each of the books you read before you bought MY BOOK  COLLECTION. Or, better yet, read the books again and complete a Book Log! You’ll enjoy them even more.

The section called the Book Log Key explains exactly how to complete each section of your Book Logs.




Book Log #: Number your book. Begin with   one and keep your Book Logs in order.
Title: The complete title of the book.
Publisher: List the Publisher’s full name here.  You can find this by reading the copyright section of a book.
Favorite Character: List the character you liked the best; this doesn’t have to be the hero.
Book Type: What kind of book did you  read?  (See Glossary for a definition   of each type of book.)
  •   Action/Adventure
  •   Horror/Thriller
  •   Comedy
  •   Romance
  •   Drama
  •   Science   Fiction
  •   Fantasy
  •   Mystery/Suspense
  •   Cartoon
  •   Other   (list the type)
Rating: Rate the book based on how you liked it!
1.  I didn’t like it at all. 4.  Great book, but didn’t like the ending.
2.  It was boring. 5.  I’ll tell everyone to read it!
3.  It was okay.
Date:                          Date you read the book.
Protagonist(s):              (see Glossary) List the leading character (the good guy) here.
Antagonist(s):                (see Glossary) List the villain (the bad guy) here.
Book Theme: Describe what the book was trying to teach you.
Book Rating: Circle what the book rating was.
Copyright Date: The year the book was published to get a copyright.
I didn’t know that! List something new or interesting you learned.
Cool word I found: List a new word or phrase you learned from the book.
Definition: Describe what the Cool Word or phrase means.
Favorite Line List a sentence you liked from the book, one that you’ll probably use in “real” life!
Fun/Saddest Part: Tell about something that made you laugh or want to cry (if anything did).
List a Credit:     (see   Glossary) List the name of a contributor to the book in the foreword, preface or copyright section.





Book Log # _______


Title: ________________________________________________________________


Publisher: _____________________________________________________________


Favorite Character(s): __________________________________________________


Book Type: ___________________ Rating:  1  2  3  4  5   Date : ________________


Hero: _________________________________________________________________

(Protagonist)                           Character


Villain: _______________________________________________________________

                (Antagonist)                           Character


Book Theme: __________________________________________________________





I didn’t know that! : _____________________________________________________






Cool word I learned: ____________________________________________________


Definition: _____________________________________________________________





Favorite Line: __________________________________________________________




Funniest/Saddest part: ___________________________________________________





List a Credit: ___________________________________________________________




Antagonist: The enemy or adversary of the hero or the protagonist. A person who is opposed to another; someone who is hostile or unfriendly.
Action/Adventure: A book with bold or daring action, or danger, often with violent content.

Credits: The list of the names of   people who play any kind of role in the making of a book.  This list is shown at the beginning of each book in the copyright section.

Drama: A story involving conflicts  or contrasts of character.  Some movies can be dramas as well as comedies, or  mysteries.

Fantasy: A  movie that contains imaginative stories that do not limit themselves to the  real world or its laws.

Horror/Thriller: A movie that contains a  frightening, shocking or terrifying experiences.

Mystery/Suspense: An exciting and suspenseful  story, that keeps you guessing or makes you want to find out “who-dun-it,”   (who committed the crime).

Publisher: The person responsible for  the financial and administrative aspects of a book, the one who pays to have  the book made.

Protagonist: Usually the “positive”  person in a book, the hero or lead character.

Romance: A love story sometimes  containing heroic deeds, often in an imaginary setting.

Science Fiction: A fictional story that creates an imaginary world sometimes based in part on scientific knowledge and speculation.

Title: The name of a book.



To be successful in life we need to learn how to set goals.  This section will assist you in learning how to set goals and accomplish them.  It will

also allow you to negotiate a financial incentive with your parent to reward you for your efforts.


  • My goal is to complete _____ book log(s) per week and I receive $_________ for each one I complete.


  •  My goal is to complete _____ book log(s) per week and I receive $_________ for each one I complete.


  • My goal is to complete _____ book log(s) per week and I receive $_________ for each one I complete.


  • My goal is to complete _____ book log(s) per week and I receive $_________ for each one I complete.


  • My goal is to complete _____ book log(s) per week and I receive $_________ for each one I complete.




Throughout our lives we have to set goals to keep us focused on what we want to achieve. Sometimes we set short term goals to accomplish

tasks to increase our education levels, so we can use this knowledge to accomplish long-term goals. This section allows you to save the money

you earn from reading books to buy something that you want to enjoy yourself, such as a book.


  • My goal is to save  $_____ to buy me a  _____________________,

             By the date of _____________________. 

  • My goal is to save $_____ to buy me a ______________________,

             By the date of ____________________.

  • My goal is to save $_____ to buy me a ______________________,

             By the date of  ____________________.


  • My goal is to save $_____ to buy me a ______________________,

             By the date of  ____________________.

  • My goal is to save $_____ to buy me a ______________________,

             By the date of  ____________________.


Copyright © 1998 – 2017 by Dale Brent Adams d/b/a Majestic Publishers