Please be advised that vigorous legal action will be entertained upon any party who hinders, interferes with, obstructs or in anyway causes an undue delay in allowing Dale Brent Adams to obtain rightful personal property to honor contractual obligations to ensure the proper burial of my Mother, Nancy Ellen Mayberry who died on 12/26/2016 and/or delay funding to get my wife Cherie Lynn (Gattis) Adams from getting prompt medical attention to her eyes to prevent irreparable harm from the progressive blinding eye disease of keratoconus. Especially by those engaged in an abuse of power acting preemptively with an evil eye and heavy hand to cause an intentional infliction of physical, mental and financial distress even when they know these same actions have already led to the untimely death of my whole immediate family; Father, Clarence Dale Adams, DOD: 06/06/2010 Brother, Robert Sean Adams, DOD: 04/09/2016 and Mother, Nancy Ellen Mayberry, DOD:12/26/2016. In the event of my death due to any actions or inactions such as listed above, the vivacious law firm of The Rutherford Institute, the beneficiary of my estate has been requested to proceed with any and all legal actions to correct a legal wrong to me and my family seeking both criminal and civil actions to those responsible for this ongoing unconscionable conduct.