United States President Donald Trump Public Legal Notice

United States President Donald Trump
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N. W.
Washington, D.C. 20500

January 9, 2018


President Donald Trump,

I have become aware that the administration of United States President William (Bill) Clinton may have acted contrary to law and Constitutional authority to cause our family to lose life, liberty and property without due process of law. It appears due to the faulty legal opinions of the United States Department of Justice, Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo, that United States President Bush unlawfully harmed Dale Adams under the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF). No normal and prudent person could reasonably determine that the AUMF applies to Dale Adams or Majestic Publishers. Dale Adams was also deprived of rights to the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment by the government abridging speech, withholding exculpatory evidence and engaged in an unreasonably long investigation. It appears the United States Department of Defense exercised authority they did not lawfully have to harm our family with a domestic investigation in 1999. The United States Department of Justice has the job duty and responsibility to conduct proper oversight of the Intelligence Community. It seems this federal agency has also been engaged in fraudulent concealment to deprive Dale B. Adams of lawful rights.

A neighbor named Billy (John Doe) of 2311 Anvil Drive, Harrison, AR. 72601 seems to be working with your administration to cause my incarceration and/or death to obstruct justice of a domestic criminal investigation. Billy is interfering with Dale Adams’ ability to obtain adequate medical care. I suspect he works under the United States Department of Homeland Security or as a private contractor because he has no legal or ethical limits to cause extreme harm to my disabled wife Cherie L. Adams and myself. I am near death due to this unlawful conduct that seems to have been approved by you and/or your administration. Not only are you and your administration obstructing justice into a domestic criminal matter, you are also abridging our First and Fourth Amendment rights.

Please be advised that I intend to exercise my First Amendment rights to address this grievance with the federal judiciary because your administration is unable to comply with humanitarian norms. You have the option to properly investigate this unlawful conduct and halt any more unjust harm to our family or you can engage in a furtherance of this criminal conspiracy. United States Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the rest of your administration hereby take full responsibility for your actions and inactions. Pursuant to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, you have been duly informed of your unlawful conduct with proper notice to conform to the law.