Walker Bag Designed to Inspire the Temporarily Challenged

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Walker Bag Designed to Inspire the Temporarily Challenged

Harrison, AR (November 2, 2013)  – Majestic Publishers has just unveiled their new project, “The Inspirational Walker Bag.”  It has been designed with an inspirational message on the front while the pockets face toward the temporarily challenged for easier access to prevent falls. Many walker bags are placed with the pockets in front which can cause falls from leaning forward on a walker.


Dale B. Adams of Majestic Publishers realized the need for an inspirational device for the temporarily challenged when his Mother; Nancy Mayberry broke her leg at work. When she used her walker Adams noticed that his Mother was having difficulty transporting anything with her since the walker kept her hands busy. After several weeks his mother was becoming deflated due to her imobility and he thought of the inspirational walker bag to assist and inspire the temporarily challenged.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Every 35 minutes an elderly American dies as a result of their injuries from a fall” and “Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths.” (CDC, 2013). 1  Many falls and the injuries they cause can be prevented.


Majestic Publishers offers an uplifting new approach to care giving with the second edition of the book, “Care Giving Made Easy – How to Be an Awesome Caregiver,” which is offered for free on the internet.  It focuses on preventative health and informing family caregivers how to use science to prevent problems to limit stress. Below are some useful tips that can prevent elders from falling.


Make sure they have a high protein diet to strengthen muscles.

Buy them a good pair of running shoes with good arch support.

Install high watt light bulbs so they can see better (As we age our eyes require more light.)

Ensure they have a good diet and take vitamins for proper nourishment.

Remove lamps because elders have a tendency to reach for items to stabilize themselves and lamps easily fall. (Install overhead lights)

Install night-lights in the bedroom and bathroom.

Assist them walking every opportunity you can.

Elevate their legs with a footstool for better circulation.

Install ledges or rails on wall areas where they often feel unsteady.

Get them a walker or other assistance.

Make the home handicap accessible. (Handicap showers have no ledges to climb over and offer a seat)

Eliminate clutter and any unsafe or unneeded items for clear pathways.

Keep their ears clean to enable balance. (Consult your Doctor)

Be certain they have proper vision and vision aids to see where they are going.

Encourage them to stretch their legs at times by bending over.

Massage their legs with lotion to stimulate the muscles.

Ensure a healthy diet.

Offer pain relievers to prevent aching muscles and bones.

Constantly search for ways to prevent falling before it happens.


Dale B. Adams is the author and self publisher who formed Majestic Publishers in 2000, and introduced the book, “Care Giving Made Easy – How to Be an Awesome Caregiver” in 2006. Dale B. Adams of Majestic Publishers is located in Harrison, Arkansas. To arrange an interview with the author, please contact: Dale Adams at (870) 365-0827 or email at info@ majesticpublishers.com. To learn more valuable information visit: http://www.majesticpublishers.com.


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